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Places to run..

Sorry for the long delay since my last blog on recovery which was almost a month ago?I’m back into full training now and I’m progressing quite nicely, this winter for me is a big building block for spring/summer next year where I can hopefully run some big PBs over my favourite distances:)The one thing I like in the winter/off season phase of training is the consistency of good workouts and lo…

Recovery After Hard Training and Racing

Recovery especially after hard races and training sessions are one of the key components in running performance that is regularly overlooked when it comes to distance runners. The big question after training that comes across an athlete's mind is 'how long will it take for me to recover before i can run another hard session'. Personally it all comes down to general fitness and how many hard sessio…

Season breaks

I am in the 2nd week of a 3 week break after the track season. Things have gone pretty well this year with a few PBs over the shorter distances (3000m-5000m) and I'm already itching to get back out running!  Winter training for me starts in November and I will have a gradual build up to my peak mileage which I will hold until the end of April 2012.  After a good winter last year of a maximum mil…