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    Asics Womens Nimbus 12 UK 5

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    The GEL Nimbus 13 is the latest version of Asics's flagship cushioning shoe which is suitable for both neutral runners and those with a tendency to underpronate.

    There is a raft of proprietary technologies in this shoe.  The main ones to note are:

    An "Impact Guidance System" which is intended to improve running efficiency.  It's essentially several components of the shoe linked in such as way as to enhance your natural gait from the initial heel strike through to the toe-off.

    There are substantial shock-absorbing Gel "crash pads" in both the heel and the forefoot to remove as much of the impact of the ground on your body as possible.

    Lacing is often a source of irritiation for the foot as there are sensitive nerves that run along the top of the foot which overtight lacing or the position of lace eyes etc. can cause problems with.  The Nimbus 13 features an asymetrical lacing system which is ergonomically designed to follow the contours of the foot both to reduce this irritation and provide a more snug and comfortable fit.

    Attention has also been paid to the design of the upper to improve comfort and reduce irritation.  The shoe features strategically-placed stretch material which is intended to reduce buckling.

    The GEL-NIMBUS 13 also features "Plus 3", essentially an additional 3mm of height in the heel area which creates a gradient down to the forefoot and is designed to decrease tension on the achilles.

    In all this shoe provides a glove-like fit and offers a very plush, snug level of cushioning which our wear-testers liked. 

    If you have a neutral gait or tend to underpronate (you may have a high arch of your foot and notice a concentration of wear on your old shoes towards the outer edge of the shoe) then this is a great shoe to consider.

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