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    2XU Compression Recovery Socks

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    • 2XU Circular Knit Construction: 2XU Compression garments are the only multi-purpose compression garments are constructed using a circular high gauge knit structure. This structure delivers an evenly distributed 360 degree stretch compression not achievable in garments with a traditional tricot knit.

    • 2XU Anti Bacterial: Embedded with an antibacterial, odour resistant application, 2XU Compression can help minimise odour and prevent bacterial growth.

    • 70 Denier Circular Knit Fabric: Relentlessly scouring the globe for the finest high performance materials available, 2UX has formulated a 70 Denier Circular Knit fabric which represents the international epitome in performance compression fabric. Delivering 15% more support and 25% more power than typical compression fabrics, this lightweight fabric maintains pressure for longer to reduce fatigue time and time again.

    • Durability: 2XU Compression delivers long life performance through the use of invista Lycra. Vitally important to achieve a high level of elasticity and maintain compressive properties over the life of the garment, invista Lycra enhances durability enabling 2XU Compression to outperform its rivals by a massive 40%.

    • 2XU DVT: Deep vein Thrombosis is a condition that mainly affects the lower body and is associated with long periods of travel or inactivity. 2XU Compression garments enhance blood flow in these areas through enhanced venous return, reducing the risk of DVT.

    • 2XU Sun Protection: Through heightened circulation, 2XU Compression regulates body temperature to ensure optimal comfort in both hot and cold conditions. Drawing on the body’s natural cooling and heating mechanisms, 2XU Compression is engineered to enhance performance regardless of climate.


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