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    £2 per bottle 

    Only fruit punch available*


    Our protein waters are refreshing, great tasting, sugar free drinks that can help strengthen, vitalise & hydrate the body.

    Protein and Water! Two essential ingredients needed to help the body function, now available in an easy grab & go drink!


    Whey Protein is a supplement widely used by athletes, strength trainers, sportsmen as well as the general health and fitness enthusiasts.  It is a complete protein source containing 9 essential amino acids.  Amino acids are compounds that combine to form protein.  Protein & Amino acids are the building blocks of life.  Without them the body can not grow muscle tissue. Amino acids can aid in repairing muscle tissue, recovery and development of new muscle tissue.

    In addition to promoting lean muscle growth and strength, there is evidence that whey protein may also promote weight loss and fat loss.

    Our protein water is made from whey protein isolate which is the purest and most concentrated form of whey protein available. Compared to other proteins, on a gram-to-gram basis whey protein isolate delivers more essential amino acids to the body but without the fat or cholesterol.


    The body needs water or other fluids to work properly and to avoid dehydration.  It is recommended that we drink approximately 1.2 litres of water per day to replace fluids that the body loses.  The benefits of water are well known.  It rehydrates the body, can improve skin tone, make you feel and look younger, can reduce fatigue & stress levels and improve muscle tone.  The list of potential benefits is immense.  Our Protein waters contain two essential components our body requires in an easy grab and go way.


    So what is Stevia? Stevia is a type of plant, native to Paraguay, that has a sweet taste and it is a healthy substitute for sugar because it's completely natural.

    The sweetness of the Stevia plant has been used for hundreds of years in some parts of the world. Its sweetness comes from steviol glycosides. These are extracted from the leaves of the plant and purified to produce a high purity extract that may be used as a sweetening ingredient in many foods and beverages or as a table top sweetener. It is approximately 200-300 times sweeter than table sugar (sucrose) and therefore only small amounts are used.

    It is commonly used as an alternative to sugar and as demand for low-calorie and low-carbohydrate food increase, it has become a more popular option among food manufacturers as well as health-conscious individuals.

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