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Paul Whittaker Training Week 33

Hi everyone,Hope everyone has had a good week training, here it goes for another blog post on how my workouts and training went last week:M. 8miles steadyT. 20mins w.up jog- 7x1k hard, 2mins rec jog- 20mins w.down jog (skechers go meb speeds)W. 12miles steadyT. 20mins w.up jog- 12x1min hard, 1min easy- 20mins w.down jog (skechers go meb speeds)F. 8miles steadyS. 1mile w.up jog-10mile tempo run at …

Paul Whittaker Training Week 32

Hi everyone,Back again for another blog post!This past week didn't really go too well, after last weekends long run and not feeling to good i decide to have a recovery week and take a few days off. If i find that i am starting to feel run down i now go straight into having some days off. In the past i would try and run through illness's and i have always found that it never works and just prolong…

Skechers Performance and Skechers Walking Shoes

Thank you to Skechers Performance for sending me some great new products today! Really thankful for the support you have given me for my running!If you haven't tried Skechers running or walking shoes, you need to check them out because they are extremely cushioned and responsive! Skechers cater for all types of people, whether your an elite runner or just do some walking to keep fit, they cater fo…

Paul Whittaker Training week 31

Hi,Here it goes for another blog post on my last week of training. As you can see below i raced at Watford in the 3000m on Wednesday night and managed to run a PB of 8.16! After going through the first mile in 4.22 i was trying to stay with the group of leaders and have a good strong race, i faded slightly over the last lap but still finished up 5th out of 32 runners. I really think it's importan…

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