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Great South Run- Had to withdraw

Hey everyone,Unfortunately I've had to pull out of the GSR this weekend due to a head cold.It came on last weekend and I'm just getting rid of the last of it now, it's like anything, I could still race and maybe run around 51-52mins but if I'm not going to be feeling my best then there is no point running. I've just entered the Brighton 10k and that will be my next race which is in 3.5 weeks time:…

Next race: Great South Run (Portsmouth)

Hello :)Just thought i would update my blog with my next race that I have in the schedule that I'm doing in 3weeks time.I will be running the great south run on November 27th (10mile road race)I ran this race a few years ago and ran approximately 51:30, I think my fitness at the moment after the 10k last weekend only puts me in around 52:30 shape for 10miles so with a couple more weeks of good tra…

Southend 10k result (2nd in 31:48)

Hey,So I just thought id update my blog with the result from the Southend 10k yesterday.I came 2nd behind Adam Hickey (runners edge athlete and friend) in what was a pretty convincing win on his behalf.The pace felt a bit too hard yesterday than it should of been early on in the race, I always feel that you can tell whether it's going to be 'your day' even after the first 2-3km.We started off runn…

Southend 10k this weekend

Hey everyone, back to updating my blog now which I should be able to do more often seeing as I can now do it on my iPhone!I hope everyone's training has been going well this year and you've all been racing well!My next race is the Southend 10k this Sunday which I'm looking forward to running to see what kind of shape I'm in, :) after coming off of a average performance of 70mins in the GNR around …

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