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Finding the correct running shoes for your running gait.

Finding the correct running shoes for your Gait.Wearing the correct running shoes for your walking/running gait can be very beneficial when you are trying to stay injury free.At Runners Edge Southend we have seen a trend in the ratio of neutral to supportive running shoes sold over the last 15 years with ourresearch in gait analysis. We've found that over 85% of our customers would benefit from a …

Day in the life of sub 30 minute 10k runner Paul Whittaker during lock down.

Day in the life of sub 30 minute 10k runner Paul Whittaker during lockdown. 7.30am - Wake up and have small breakfast which involves porridge with honey and a cup of tea 8.30am - Morning workout - 2 miles w.up jog, 10 x 1200m at specific HR with 1min jog recovery between each - 2 miles w.down jog i wore Hoka Rincon for the workout which i find are light and responsive. 9.45am - Breakfast - Pro…

Matt Lovell - Sports Nutritionist

My go to immune support comes in the form of berry extracts with medicinal mushrooms. Powerful preventative and immune supporting natural medicine. This time of the year is classic for picking up a little bug. The kids go back to school and breed germs, they bring them home and infect the adults and then the adults spread them on the tube and at work or in the supermarket. It’s when everyone g…

Be SAFE this winter!

Today's run.Just a quick blog post about running in icy weather. Please be careful and take precautions when its icy outside. If you have access to a treadmill it will be much safer to run indoors. Cross training can be very beneficial in this weather and a supplementary strength training session can be just what you need when the weather turns cold in these winter months.Make sure you dress war…

Skechers Performance and Skechers Walking Shoes

Thank you to Skechers Performance for sending me some great new products today! Really thankful for the support you have given me for my running!If you haven't tried Skechers running or walking shoes, you need to check them out because they are extremely cushioned and responsive! Skechers cater for all types of people, whether your an elite runner or just do some walking to keep fit, they cater fo…


ORTHOTICS (Insoles- Which are made to cure Plantar Fasciitis) are now available at RUNNERS EDGE (CUSTOM MADE) We at Runners Edge believe in the perfect customized fit for each individual- Going Private cost as much as £165.00 + a consultation fee of up to £50.00!  Here at Runners Edge our prices are between £25-40 with a free consultation and full foot analysis and gait assessment.ALL WE NEED…


Just had 3 people all come in our store with Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain) Problems.If you are finding that PF is causing you pain a custom made Orthotic can work wonders!Michael Whittaker our foot specialist  has over 35 years of running experience and has seen over 15,000 people's feet and specialises in customising your running/ everyday shoes for the perfect fit! Please come in and see us f…

Places to run..

Sorry for the long delay since my last blog on recovery which was almost a month ago?I’m back into full training now and I’m progressing quite nicely, this winter for me is a big building block for spring/summer next year where I can hopefully run some big PBs over my favourite distances:)The one thing I like in the winter/off season phase of training is the consistency of good workouts and lo…

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