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Places to run..

Sorry for the long delay since my last blog on recovery which was almost a month ago?

I’m back into full training now and I’m progressing quite nicely, this winter for me is a big building block for spring/summer next year where I can hopefully run some big PBs over my favourite distances:)
The one thing I like in the winter/off season phase of training is the consistency of good workouts and long runs which I find really important (rather than racing every week in the winter.) Many times over the last few years I have competed in all cross country races in the winter and found that by easing off every week and recovering after each race means I can’t put together a string of important training for the big improvement next year.

Many people would disagree and feel that cross country is the foundation for distance runners in the winter and by racing over tough courses this gives you strength.. I agree.. but doing a simple 10mile tempo run at close to 5min per mile suits me better:)

Just realised.. my title for this blog today was about places to run! lol after building up my training so I am running around 12-13 times per week varying the route you run becomes really important, and more interesting! I now spend most of my weekends running in Eastbourne (visiting my girlfriend) which is great and the different routes are definitely better for me rather than the same old routes back home. If anyone ever wants to go for a weekend away and likes HILLY training runs Eastbourne is the place to go:) last Sunday I did a 2hour run, the first 60mins was on my own on the seafront at Eastbourne then I looped back round and ran with Holly (GF) for the next 60mins... she took me around a route which some runners would say is undulating (I would say very very hilly;) regardless of the route it as a good 2hour run and did me good:)

One more quick note.. Wayne Lyle and John Green are two of the athletes I am coaching at the moment and they training very hard for next year:) keep it up!

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