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Recovery After Hard Training and Racing

Recovery especially after hard races and training sessions are one of the key components in running performance that is regularly overlooked when it comes to distance runners.

The big question after training that comes across an athlete's mind is 'how long will it take for me to recover before i can run another hard session'.

Personally it all comes down to general fitness and how many hard sessions you incorporate in a typical training week.

What I have found is that a good principle to work from is the hard/easy method, this means that you alternate hard training days with a recovery day the next and then repeat as you lead up to the weekend. For example if you have set plan for your training week with hard sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday always listen to your body.

Let's say you did not recover Wednesday after Monday's session and you feel slightly heavy legged and sore RUN EASY THAT DAY!

It's always better to take an extra day easy than push through a hard training day when you don't feel recovered.

Races- Usually it's always best to ease down and taper before a race, maybe having one day off the day before the race. If you are racing on a Sunday (most road races are on Sundays) I would go by something along this outline for recovery:
5k- 2 days easy running after the race, 10k- 3 days easy running after the race, 10miles-half marathon- 4 days easy running after the race and a marathon 2-3 weeks.

Easy running= A pace which is 2-3mins slower than current 10k pace

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