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Chichester 10k Road Race

Chichester 10k road race- Feb 5th

I love this race!

The Chichester 10k is the road race early in the year that I suggest everyone to do if you’re looking for great atmosphere and fast course.

After a good performance two years ago and an average performance at Chichester last year I was determined to get the time I have been after for a while now.

As usual for big races I stayed overnight the day before the race to stay relaxed and recover from the journey up to the race. In the morning on the Sunday (race day) at 7am I got up and went for a nice 10minute jog from the hotel, after this I did some running drills, strides etc. before going back to the room to go on my Grid foam roller and foot and lower leg kit  - part of the Trigger Point range - to loosen my legs and keep them supple for the race.

Race overview-

I set off on the new part of the 10k section of the course which was to my surprise slightly uphill for the first 1km, I stayed relaxed and got into the top 5 runners and tried to get a good pace going. We passed the first 1km in 3.05 and then started to slowly pick up the pace. Now coming up to the 5k marker on the course I was initially hoping for around 14.45 for the 5k but we actually did 15.10 for the first half.

This started to make me think that someone is really going to take this race on the second part of the race (wasn’t going to be me!) and I thought whoever does I’m going with them!

Ben Whitby who has recently got back from an altitude stay in Kenya training with Mo Farah took the lead and started to wind up the pace for the next few kilometres. I was hanging on in 3rd place and trying to stay relaxed as possible.

With 2km to go I realised the time for 8km was 23.59 so I knew if I ran the last 2km in 6 minutes I would run under 30minutes for 10k.

1km left and I moved into 2nd and I was really going after Ben to try and catch him. As we turned the bend into the finishing straight I was going flat out and was holding the pace. We approached the line and I got beaten by 1 second by Chris Powner from Winchester so I ended up coming 3rd place.

The fact that I came 3rd was great but as I came across the line I saw 29.39! (The official result being 29.40)  With a 42 second personal best I was buzzing! Bring on the next race!
17th February 2012  Paul
Hi Alan, Thanks, yeah it was a big p.b but i have been due a fast run like that for a while now:) I suppose like most runners they wouldn't want to elaborate to much on there training because it can be copied. I run around 110-120miles a week most weeks in the winter and i really focus on getting as strong as possible in the winter months while adding in the odd race to keep some speed in my legs. The Chichester 10k was run off a big block off training, it was without any specific 10k work at all so i am really looking forward to how fast i can run this summer on the track when i start to do some specific race pace training sessions:) I've had some really good help from different coaches but the main type of advice on training and racing is from Jeremy Freeman at Chelmsford Ac. He has lots of experience and training knowledge that has really helped me over this winter. I think i have an outside chance this year of running the European A standard of 28.55 for 10,000m on the track but seeing as the selections take place in june its going to be difficult to find a good quality track race before then to get the time.
5th February 2012  Alan Turner
Hi Paul, i saw you had a massive breakthrough to the elites with a 29 40 10k at chichester today! Would you be able to elaborate a bit further on your training, for example a typical week, or is it top secret? Do you coach yourself? kind regards, Alan

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