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5000 14:13.35 4th Watford BMC Grand Prix (9 Jun 12)

Back at Watford again!

This time it was for a 5000m, after racing around 9days days ago my legs were perfectly recovered for a fast 5k. Before entering this race I wrote down a time of 13.58 which was rather ambitious seeing as my personal best time before going into this was 14.31...but what the heck I went for it!

My plan was to start off easy at the back of the pack and run the race progressive and not too hard in the first mile. (Which I passed in around 4.36) I gradually moved through the field passing 3k in 8:35 and I knew I still had a lot of work to do if I was going to get down to an achievable time of 14:10 for 5000m.

I managed to get onto the back of the front group and hang on while they picked up the pace over the last few laps, I found this really helped and got me into a position where I could challenge for a top 3 finish. During the last 200m I was really trying to focus on relaxed form and good technique while keeping a fast turnover, I just missed out on 3rd place finishing 4th but I knew that I had ran the best tactical race and paced it perfectly.

Finishing time was 14.13… (PB) Training well!


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