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Training week 25-02-13



Hope everyone’s training is going well over this winter period!

After having some thoughts and discussions with my dad (adviser) I’ve decided to update my training on this blog on a weekly basis.

The main reason for this is to hopefully attract some people to the website and to show how my training is progressing towards the track season.

Ill also include the extra supplementary training that i do as well for example: Plyometric drills and core exercises.

Now and again il also add my training paces for certain sessions but as you must understand i need to keep some secrets to myself otherwise i will be giving it all away!


Here it goes with my first day:

Monday 25th Feb- Rest! I’ve had an infection for around 10days so i haven't been able to run. These last couple of weeks have been frustrating but I am looking forward to seeing Matt Lovell one of the UKs top sport nutritionist on Wednesday so he can take a look at my diet to find out whether i am low in any vitamin or mineral before I get ready for the next training cycle.

Tuesday 26th Feb- Another day of rest today! Waking up with a bit of a sore throat so decided to take the day off, resting heart rate was 45bpm which is to high (usually 32-33bpm) I might not be getting enough ventilation in my room each night which is causing my throat to get dry/sore so tonight i am going to keep my door wide open and see if makes a difference. I have been reading a lot online about magnesium and iron deficiencies lately and the effects they have on runners that do high mileage... who knows that might be the answer!

Wednesday 27th Feb- Am-No run this morning, throat still feels a bit dry/sore so going to take it easy and see what Matt Lovell has to say this afternoon!

-Pm- 30min run, took it nice and easy just to get the feeling of running back into my legs after not running for a few weeks. The sports nutritionist Matt Lovell I met during the day today was excellent! I can’t recommend him enough to anyone that wants to have their diet checked and training looked at. He gave me some great pointers on where I was going wrong and what I need to do to boost my immune system. I think most of it comes down to the training intensity that I was running at, it seemed like I have the ability to push myself really hard on a daily basis but internally my health couldn’t handle what I was putting it through, in other words I wasn’t eating enough/correctly to support the training I was doing. See below a picture me and Matt in a photo I took at the consultation I had. Once again, Matt’s knowledge is second to none!


Solving Mo Farah’s nutritional puzzle- Matt Lovell

Besides overhauling Mo Farah’s diet, the basic tests showed the runner was operating with low levels of several nutrients, especially iron and magnesium. Giving the right nutrition, the support team was able to pull Mo Farah around in just 6 months. Contact Matt through his website at:

Thursday 28th Feb –Am- 30min run, legs felt pretty sore this morning after the easy run last night, makes me sound like a wimp having sore legs after a 30min run but it’s muscular strength that I’ve lost rather than a ton of fitness!

-Pm- 60min run, ran with my dad along the seafront after we closed the store at 5pm. Felt pretty good, hamstrings were still pretty tight and sore but some foam rolling will sort that out!

Friday 1st March-Am- 45min run, Jeez it’s the 1st of March already! Need to pull my finger out and get the training volume back to where I should be! This will take a few weeks but I’ll get thereJ legs felt good this morning especially after some strides after the run.





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