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Wayne Lyle Shoe review

Asics 2xxx series:

2160- Excellent running shoe with good cushioning and mild support, good for any distance for the mild over pronator I had no problem with these when I used them.

2170- Well built up shoe, more so than previous model and excellent support (if you need it), unfortunately too much support for me and not enough responsiveness but to be fair they are not in the responsive category.


2000- A well fitting shoe with good support but seemed more cushioned and slightly more snug, runners who need support will no doubt love this shoe.

Note* I believe Asics running shoes come up a little more on the snug side than previous models so I would advise at least 1/2 size larger than normal.


1000- Good lightweight mild support shoe, works well for mild over pronators who need a little support, a good 'feel the ground' type of shoe but you still get the mild support.


Brooks- Adrenaline GTS 7,8,9,10 & 11 were exc ellent shoes more mild over pronation and excellent fit as I find the Brooks brand usually are, and last well too on mileage wear and tear.

I personally feel with the 12 & 13 models Brooks have concentrated more on the 'support' side of things rather than any type of cushioning, but again to be fair thet are in the support running shoe category, good fit though and long lasting shoes.


Mizuno- My favourite shoes in the support category.

Wave Inspire 7, 8 & 9


Nice and cushiony type running shoes with support, and quite light weight for a support shoe, I used them for lots of miles and long and short, slow and fast, very universal shoe.

Inspire 9- The latest model in the Inspire range, and the lightest weight and great for runners needing again mild support and good cushioning.



Triumph 9- A great cushioned shoe with I believe an 8mm heel to toe drop which I think Saucony seem to be promoting.

Good for faster type running with fairly good responsiveness, still a little too high heel for me but that's a personal thing.

Cortana 2:

Fantastic 4mm heel drop shoe with good cushioning, and good for any distance and any effort and seems to like going fast :)

Skechers Gorun 2:

These seem to work for me well, again a 4mm heel drop apparently and erring on the minimalist type of shoe, very light weight but surprisingly good cushion and response, however, does very much suit a mid/forefoot type of runner.(The 'insole' for what there is of it, I have personally ditched as I feel didn't do anything except move and fold up during a run and was the only thing uncomfotable, and now the shoes work fine without them, this could just be me but maybe worth noting.

These are just some of the little reviews on some differnt types of running shoes I have used or still do use at present, and all are my own experiences and opinion as every shoe will feel different to different people, and I have basically gone fron using a good support type running shoe like Brooks Adrenaline/Asics 2xxx series to now using a much lighter type cushioned shoe like the Skechers and Saucony Cortana 2s

I have bought lots of running shoes from Runners Edge and do so with confidence knowing that all staff in the shop have extensive and professional knowledge and advise which in my opinion you cannot beat.

I have not been paid in any way from anyone or any company for my opinions here but feel they are all worth writing about, plus I have used many other running shoes in my time of training and racing .



Wayne Lyle


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