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Southend 10k this weekend

Hey everyone, back to updating my blog now which I should be able to do more often seeing as I can now do it on my iPhone!

I hope everyone's training has been going well this year and you've all been racing well!

My next race is the Southend 10k this Sunday which I'm looking forward to running to see what kind of shape I'm in, :) after coming off of a average performance of 70mins in the GNR around 3 weeks ago I think my training has turned a corner since running that half marathon. 

I have a time goal Sunday of around 30:30 for the race, regardless of whether this is good enough to win or not I'm not too fussed. Just a good hard run out will do me good.

Sessions have been going well lately so we shall see what happens!

Il update with my result next week!

Chat soon 

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