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Next race: Great South Run (Portsmouth)

Hello :)

Just thought i would update my blog with my next race that I have in the schedule that I'm doing in 3weeks time.
I will be running the great south run on November 27th (10mile road race)

I ran this race a few years ago and ran approximately 51:30, I think my fitness at the moment after the 10k last weekend only puts me in around 52:30 shape for 10miles so with a couple more weeks of good training behind me I hope to run around 51-52mins. I've come to realise how much fitness I've actually lost since 2011 when I ran my personal best of 29:40 for 10k... I'm really looking forward to getting back into that shape by Xmas time and to hopefully be in even better shape by February/March next year.
So much more training to do but I'm feeling stronger each week, all I can say is watch this space!

Catch up with you soon thanks,

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