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Note to self

Note to self, need to keep the blog updated every week!

I hope everyone’s training is going well, after a good race win at the Witham 5 on Boxing day around 5 weeks ago things haven’t been going as well as I would of hoped. The race was on a Friday morning and after running a personal best of 24.00 for 5 miles I was on a high, the next day I went straight into 2 easy recovery runs on the Saturday and went out the Sunday morning and hammered a 16mile run progressing down to 5.10pace. This was all well and good at the time but looking back it was big mistake, after races I am sure everyone gets that buzz type feeling if you have had a really good run and you almost feel like you're invincible. It was turning point in my training when I realised running 4.40pace on that Friday morning felt more relaxed than it has ever done before. (Garmin actually said 23.40 for 5miles, but I’ll take 24mins!) After intense races like that recovery is essential, looking back at them few days I should have really taken it easy on the Sunday run as well maybe jogging relaxed for an hour 1 hour to 90mins rather than trying to boost my fitness with a hard long run.

Since that weekend I had a full weeks of with tonsillitis, the following week I had a week of easy runs, which felt ok but I also felt like I was plodding. The next week I came down with a cough so decided to have another few days off… all that for running too hard after a race! During that week off having Tonsillitis I rested up and didn’t run, illness seems to be the only thing that makes me take time off training and I have come to terms with it being a thing that just happens to me over Xmas period!

I was looking for answers on why taking antibiotics leaves my immune system in such a depleted and low state that I end up having all sorts of things go wrong in the week after taking the course. I got my notes out from Matt Lovell from when I saw him a few years ago(one of the best sports nutritionists around, helped Mo Farah a few years ago) on immunity for athletes and realised that I was missing a few key things that really does keep my immune system strong while under heavy training.

During that week on twitter I noticed Sara Hall (Wife to Ryan Hall, 2.04 Marathon runner) tweeted that after having a course of antibiotics you need to replace the good bacteria in your gut because the antibiotics kill the good and the bad bacteria which can cause problems, see the question I asked her below.

I was curious whether it was worth taking good bacteria (probiotics) while on a course of antibiotics and now I can see that it wouldn’t be a problem in doing so, especially making sure I take a probiotic after the course.

As the last few weeks have gone by I have managed to get in a week and a half of good training and a workout last night gave me confidence that my fitness is pretty good going into the Chichester 10k this Sunday. All I can hope for is that I am in under 30min shape for 10k….that is what I will need if I want to win this next race!

Here are a few things that I now include in my diet to help boost my immune system:

  • Probiotic taken daily – Symprove (New sponsor) is a great probiotic that can promote gut health and immunity

  • L-Glutamine- Mixed research with this supplement but Matt Lovell suggests it helps

  • Organic fruit and vegetables! If you’re eating non organic fruit and veg, throw it away and go organic! Don’t aim just for 5 a day aim for 10!

  • Protein drinks after intense exercise for recovery

  • Stay away from ill people!

Any comments or questions on this blog post please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks

Paul Whittaker

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