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Halstead Marathon-11 Weeks to go

Hi Everyone,

Just thought i would write a blog of my buildup to the Halstead Marathon on 10th May i am aiming for a time of between 3.15- 3.25

Feel free to comment or ask any questions and i will glad get back to you!

23rd-1st Feb

Monday- 10 miles easy/moderate at 7.16pace average

Tuesday- 7 miles easy at 7.48pace

Wednesday- 6 miles easy at 7.22pace

Thursday- 8 miles moderate at 7.10pace

Friday- 6 miles easy at 7.24pace

Saturday- 5 miles easy at 7.46pace

Sunday- Rest day

Total - 42 miles 

End of week thoughts- Really need to build up my long runs, i have the most time on Monday so i am going to try and get up to 20 miles over the next 3-4 weeks.
The downside to having a shop is getting ill and catching colds down to the volume of people that we see, need to keep my immune system strong! 


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