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Paul Whittaker Training week 31


Here it goes for another blog post on my last week of training. As you can see below i raced at Watford in the 3000m on Wednesday night and managed to run a PB of 8.16! 
After going through the first mile in 4.22 i was trying to stay with the group of leaders and have a good strong race, i faded slightly over the last lap but still finished up 5th out of 32 runners. I really think it's important to race over distances that you don't particularly specialise in because i have found it makes a big difference in your leg speed as the races become longer. After Wednesday's race i didn't recover too well so i decide to pull out of  the England Championships on Sunday. I think after training so hard all summer i need a recovery week to let my body adapt to the training and recuperate from everything i have been doing. As i have trained over the years i have come to realise how important recovery is in training and sometimes you have to do less to get better! Train hard win easy used to be the saying that i used to go by, now its more about training hard and smart to get the results! 

M. 6miles including 8x1min hard, 1min easy

T. 30mins easy

W. Am- 20mins easy jog -pm- Race 3000m, 8.16! PB! Speed is good, but still need to get stronger!- 15mins w.up and w.down.

T. 10miles

F. 6miles including 8x1min hard, 1min easy

S. 30mins easy

S. 12miles, planned to race today but feel pretty run down, went out and ran 12miles very easy, spent the rest of the day in bed!

Recovery week needed next week!
If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!


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