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Paul Whittaker Training Week 32

Hi everyone,

Back again for another blog post!

This past week didn't really go too well, after last weekends long run and not feeling to good i decide to have a recovery week and take a few days off. 
If i find that i am starting to feel run down i now go straight into having some days off. In the past i would try and run through illness's and i have always found that it never works and just prolongs the problem. After having this last week as an easy week i will be taking this as my weeks break for the year until i have another easy week over Xmas.



W. 8miles jog

T. 10miles easy (6-6.30pace)

F. 20mins w.up jog- 12x90secs hard, 90secs easy- 20mins w.down jog

S. 7miles at 6.10pace

S. 12miles easy with last 2miles at sub 6min pace 

At the moment i am still deciding on what races to run over the next few weeks, do i pull the plug on the track season and get some good solid training weeks behind me or do i try and squeeze some more track races in to see if i can run 14mins for 5000m? I will decide this week!


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