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Matt Lovell - Sports Nutritionist

My go to immune support comes in the form of berry extracts with medicinal mushrooms. Powerful preventative and immune supporting natural medicine.

This time of the year is classic for picking up a little bug. The kids go back to school and breed germs, they bring them home and infect the adults and then the adults spread them on the tube and at work or in the supermarket.

It’s when everyone gets closer together these bugs seem to spread. It’s less about the cold more about proximity. In temperate regions where the temperature stays the same the bugs start getting a grip in the rainy season, because people gather to stay dry rather than spread apart outside.

A few things I explain to client, teams and athlete when talking about immune system and its impact on training and performance;

1. For training, when you get ill – normally it takes 5-7 days. Viruses take around this long to multiply and get hold of the system. During this time you don’t feel right and you can’t push on as normal…..

2. Then you are ill for 5-7 days. Anti-bodies take about this long to develop and learn the invaders ‘code’ before defeating it.

3. Then you are getting back on track for 5-7 days. Before you are back to your normal capacity.

So, one URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) or flu can scupper 3 weeks training. 


If you like me work for yourself, you'll know that taking a day off isn't really an option - no worky no pay.

That’s why you need to take preventative action to support immune system. Please download this guide (for free). I’ve also included the guide at the end of this email also to save you having to download it…..

So, I developed Immune Power; You can order here… plus a special immune bundle also.The bundle includes vitamin D, immune power, immune spices, omega 3 and metabolic optimiser….

The bundle is virtually half price and the discount codes work on bundles too.

Want to know exactly what's in the drink and why? Read the science and ingredients here;

If you like nutrition then the references and features of these unique ingredients is really interesting. You can of course also include all these in your diet, or taking them as tea or smoothies and hot chocolate drinks. The Immune power actually taste quite chocolaty from the mushrooms - I get it into my kids my mixing it with honey, lots of organic cocoa and hot almond milk. :)

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