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London Marathon - 15 weeks to go

So with 15 weeks to go until the London Marathon I thought it would be a good idea to let people know my key workouts this week.

If anybody has followed my training over the years, I'm a very big believer in high mileage as a base of endurance to build the foundation my body needs. This enables me to add speed work into my weekly plan to get the full benefits I need to improve. 

This week's workouts are as follows -

13 x 2mins hard, 3 mins easy 

6 x 1200m with 1200m float recovery 

30 x 1 min hard, 30secs easy 

Long easy run of 2 + hours.

You'll see in marathon training I like to start with speed work and then increase the duration of my workouts as the weeks progress. 

I'm still deciding on what shoes to wear for the marathon, I'm thinking perhaps Adidas Boston or Adios. I'm going to test some shoes out over the next few weeks to see how my body reacts.

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