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Day in the life of sub 30 minute 10k runner Paul Whittaker during lock down.

Day in the life of sub 30 minute 10k runner Paul Whittaker during lockdown. 

7.30am - Wake up and have small breakfast which involves porridge with honey and a cup of tea 

8.30am - Morning workout - 2 miles w.up jog, 10 x 1200m at specific HR with 1min jog recovery between each - 2 miles w.down jog 
i wore Hoka Rincon for the workout which i find are light and responsive. 

9.45am - Breakfast - Protein porridge (made by my girlfriend Lucy) with granola, raisins, banana and courgette.. yes courgette! followed by plenty of water
and a few cups of tea

11am - Website work and training plans (PW Performance Coaching is the business i have set up to coach athletes)

1pm- Lunch - Smoked salmon on 2 pieces of toast with 2 poached eggs, salad and tomatoes

3pm - Tea and cake.. with the amount of calories i am burning off during the day i always treat myself to some cake

5pm - Afternoon workout - Easy 7-8 mile run after the morning workout, this is also controlled by HR to make sure i am recovering fully from the morning workout. 
On this run i wore a pair of New Balance 1080 V10 which i find to be super cushioned and bouncy

7pm - Dinner - Polenta Pizza with chicken, pesto, cheese, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and rocket

8.30pm - Chocolate while watching a film..

10.30pm - Bed time

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