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Finding the correct running shoes for your running gait.

Finding the correct running shoes for your Gait.

Wearing the correct running shoes for your walking/running gait can be very beneficial when you are trying to stay injury free.

At Runners Edge Southend we have seen a trend in the ratio of neutral to supportive running shoes sold over the last 15 years with our
research in gait analysis. We've found that over 85% of our customers would benefit from a supportive running shoe with arch support whereas
only 15% run with a neutral gait. 

What is the difference between a neutral gait and over pronated gait? 

Neutral Gait 

- High arched foot
- Stable ankles/foot
- Straight landing
- Little to none inward rotation

Over Pronated Gait

- Fallen arches
- Flexible ankles
- Mild to severe inward rotation
- Flat foot

Here is a list of suitable shoes for a neutral runner

- Brooks Ghost
- Hoka Clifton
- Asics Nimbus
- Brooks Glycerin
- New Balance 1080

Here is a list of suitable shoe for a over pronated runner

- Brooks Adrenaline
- Hoka Arahi
- Asics 2000
- New Balance 860
- Mizuno Inspire

Please note - If we have advised that you need a motion control shoe then we would recommend the following

- Brooks Beast
- Brooks Addiction

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